2 X 2 on the Ark: Five Secrets of a Great Relationship


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This book is a wakeup call. It highlights relationships and staying in love as serious adventures for adults, not Disney rides for kids. Relationships make you stronger and more defined as a person or call out your weakest and least evolved parts. Falling in love is easy. Staying in love is hard. Do you wonder where love has gone? Has your relationship even your fights become predictable? Do you take one another for granted? Have career, children and family diluted the early excitement in one another?s presence? Or are you new to the love of your life and committed to growing in love? When you understand what makes people love, you learn the secret of a fulfilling life. Your relationship will transform, and you will be a model for children and other couples. Based on research in the neurosciences and years of experience working with thousands of couples and supervising family and couples? therapists, I will share the Five Secrets of a Successful Relationship. The book will teach you what you never learned growing up or in romantic novels or films: how to be a LOVER. It will be your guide as you practice the Five Secrets to a Great Relationship: 1. Leave Space for Love 2. Operate Your Brains to love 3. View Your Conditioning with Love 4. Emerge Free to Love 5. Route and Navigate in Stormy Seas


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