A Change in Perception


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A Change in Perception: Divinely Inspired by Something Greater Than Myself That Connects Us All

In this book; “A Change in Perception” Sherryl with her Spirit Team shares with you her personal experiences connecting with her Team of friends and relatives that have crossed over, Angels and Light Beings. Writing with warmth, clarity and a mix of humor, she brings understanding by helping to educate people through some of her own experiences. Her goal is to help as she shares her practical, but spiritual guidance. Sherryl believes Meditation exercises daily on this journey, can help anyone get in touch with their own Divine Spirit Team, Guides, Angels, Light Beings. She believes each of us, with the help of our Team and a healthy balance of Energy Work, can replace doubt with trust and understanding. This book is about opening the mind to possibilities beyond what’s directly in front of us. To find peace through change, to work “with” life, not fight against it, to awaken one’s belief. That it’s ok to think outside the box and believe we “can” accomplish our dream. The knowledge is already within… www.energyworkstudio.com


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  • Ginamarie

    Sherryl’s book is a wonderful guide to those connections that are possible with our spirit guides, angels and beyond. It is a smooth, easy read. Sherryl’s gift show’s us how we can be open enough to hear the messages that can guide our consciousness.

    April 19, 2021

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