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In a world of vampires and shifters, angels and demons are a myth. Anthea Black is one of those myths, an angel. For Anthea Black, it’s business as usual, friends setting her up for blind dates, working in her adoptive family’s business and with the paranormal community as a silent witness to what happens in the shadows of the city. Then the vampire Arkin Kane arrives to secure his power base and clean up the mess his predecessor made. Both have secrets, hers the fact that she is an angel, and sparks fly as they try to keep it business as usual. Until a self-proclaimed psychic declares that a darkness is coming for Anthea. Arkin wants to keep her safe, she wants to keep her secret, but that is easier than it sounds. For Anthea is about to find out just what it means to be an angel and meet the other half of the myth, a demon.


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