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Nancy Guiles is a woman of genuine faith in Jesus Christ as her savior and lord! Her story is exceptional in its telling of a life begun with God at the center. Her parents, faithful believers, and working in the missionary field gave Nancy and her sisters an understanding of His unconditional love, mercy, and grace. Nancy’s unusual upbringing in India adds an adventurous perspective to her story. A willingness to live as a follower of Jesus and true to His word is a witness to all. Finding a husband who is also a believer gives us another aspect of understanding the importance of following one’s faith. Nancy’s journey in recent years, living with a devastating brain tumor, is profound. Nancy has persevered in her love for her God, and has continued to run the race of faithfulness in spite of adversity. I am awed at the humbleness she exudes. I recommend this book to all who would hear a tale that includes all emotions one finds in life.– Margaret Berger Morse, friend since the 1960’s, lay preacher Attached by Nancy Towle Guiles follows the author’s family history


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