Citizen’s Community Health Initiatives


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Our country, the United States, was established as a nation to nurture free people. Even though having an incredible Constitution, — the document which assures its success, this people is in danger of losing its vision and its heritage. Both government and people are sensing this danger, but both are struggling with internal and external conflicts that seem to be paralyzing them. Before the people will be able to demand government responsibility, they must challenge their own problem circumstances. The people have the talents to seize the significant opportunities that are still available, if they recognize them in time, and are inspired to do so. The people and the government of this country have become distanced, the government dealing with its internal squabbling, and the people backing off with concern for lacking authority. The purpose of this book is to describe and provide incentives and structure for the people to overcome their lethargy, find enjoyment in solving current social and domestic problems, and to enhance the prosperity and safety of the people. With thought, exertion, and practice, the people could also access ways to present their expectations of government, recharge the strength of democracy, and demand controls on government waste and overreach. This book analyses some of these situations, and establishes a system to enable and challenge the people to solve some of the serious problems on their home turf. There are wonderful opportunities for us to prove ourselves as citizens of this country.


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