Create Your Destiny: Making Your Dreams and Goals a Reality Now!


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Create Your Destiny is about discovering and believing in your inner powerful talents to reach your dreams and goals. Author Derek N. Corner’s uses his personal experiences and his amazing life journey to inspire readers, for as he’s weathered life’s ups and downs, through all the peaks and valleys, he’s maintained optimism, an insatiable appetite for knowledge and wisdom, and an unflappable confidence in the human spirit to do great things…

And you can do this, too!

Regardless of where you are in your journey in life, Create Your Destiny will become a valuable teaching tool in your life, on a personal or professional level, to ask the hard questions about the individuals in your life and the systems we are all a part of in order to maximize your successes and happiness. Learn to become a great problem-solver and team player!

Look inside to take full ownership of your destiny, and say, “Why not!?” when everyone else says it can’t be done.


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