Dream World: Tales of American Life in the 20th Century


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The Anderson’s are in Ocorlampa. Florida to look at the college for their daughter, Liz. They saw their daughter move into a family home of the Wilson’s At the same time a young man, Willie, has come to Florida to settle in so he can go to the local college. He finds a room with an elderly widow. Both of these young people find jobs at “Dream World” where they are destined to meet. Therefore, Liz and Willie, and begin dating. Neither are very experienced in dating, so it is new for them. They fall in love, but Willie gets scared as he is not ready for marriage yet, so he drops Liz without any explanation. Sue, who fancies herself ‘the complete woman’ pursues Willie. She does not think Liz is right for Willie and they have heated relationship. Liz is puzzled. Willie does not love Sue, and by Christmas has broken up with her, and then sets out to get Liz back. This takes some maneuvering to get Liz back, and signs up to be in the same class in the new term. Another young man, Mike, who is in the class becomes competition for Willie. The three of them end up going to lunch together. There is much lively discussion in class. Mike also got to know Sue. Willie & Mike got into a fight, and Sue claimed they were fighting over her. Read the book to see how it turns out.


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