Final Chaos


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In a world ravaged by climate change, where the global population has been driven underground and all life on the surface teeters on the brink of disastrous collapse, Jack Jennings joins the Aquaterrians to fight the government faction for control of the world’s most precious resource: water. As the World Water Wars rage across the country and water and food resources dwindle, in Colorado savant scientist Angela Starr dedicates her lab and considerable brain power to researching crop plant physiology for insight on how organisms survive extremely adverse conditions in hopes of discovering disaster-resistant food crops. But then, suddenly, soldiers from both sides of the war turn their weapons on themselves and commit suicide. No one saw it coming. On the battlefield, caught in the tightening noose of rampant self-destruction, Jack Jennings frantically seeks a way to prevent more self-harm while the world demands answers. Who or what is to blame for causing this mass suicide event, what is being called apoptocide? Amazingly, Angela Starr is accused. Can she find the link between her scientific investigations and the mass casualties on the battlefield―before the world condemns her for crimes against humanity?


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