From Tehran to the Land of the Free


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From Tehran to the Land of the Free: “Struggles of an Iranian to Live Up to Her Potential”

From childhood, Mitra was a dreamer. Like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, she believed that, with determination, she could overcome any obstacle in her life, and she was determined, indeed! Her only setback was that she was unable to do everything she wanted because she was among the minority in Iran: she was female and a member of the Baha’i Faith. Because she lived in a country in which Islam was the predominant religion, she was not free to open her wings and fly. She was often scared and on guard throughout her childhood and adolescence, concerned for her safety and that of her family. Only when she came to America was she able to make for herself the life of which she had dreamed while in Iran. There she had struggled in vain to keep her family together. In America, all of her dreams came true when she tasted the choice wine of freedom. Although it was not easy in the beginning, and many tests and difficulties were encountered along the way, Mitra grabbed hold of all the opportunities her new home presented to her and created a happy life for herself and her family.

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