Go and Come Again


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Go and Come Again: Segregation, Tolerance, and Reflection: A Four-Generation African-American Educational Struggle

Go and Come Again begins with a focus on the history and culture of a small town in Southwest Virginia during the era of segregated schools and the concurrent Jim Crow mind-set. The first chapters analyze the various struggles of the author’s family, selected teachers and students, and the transitions of the early 1960s. Later chapters detail the author’s experiences at a historically black college as well as his work experiences as a high school teacher, a professor at a community college, and a professor at a small, church-affiliated liberal arts college which is located near his birthplace. Additionally, the author chronicles his own personal journey-from his early days as the younger son of a single mother who struggled financially to his later profile as author, local politician, church musician, lay speaker, community leader, and educator.

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