It’s My Choice


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This is a journey through doubt, fear, pain, and joy. It’s a story of healing self in mind, body, and spirit through choices made in a lifetime; a story belonging to anyone; a story without gender, race, or wealth.

It’s my choice! I think of the many times I’ve told myself that and the years it took before I believed it. They’re reminders that I own my decisions regardless what the situation is or who tells me what to do. Today, self-reminders are less frequent because I feel in control of my whole life, not just part of it. Why? Because I have a free will, God’s gift to each of us. It’s a love-gift given freely, unconditionally. It is without strings, enabling me to choose my journey, my path.

I believe that it is by loving ourselves we can make progress and become better. I believe that our purpose on earth is to become better human beings by recognizing that special light within us-God. To you, reader, God may be the Universal Consciousness, Allah, or the Almighty. Whichever it is, remember it is your choice!


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