Life’s Continuous Story


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Kat and Manny are childhood friends whose lives revolve around Hawaii’s plantation industry, their community, and the rich culture that is always present on the islands. When their family and friends, those living in the plantation community, start getting sick with incurable and deadly diseases, Kat and Manny both agree that it is time to investigate what the cause might be.

At the very start of their investigation they encounter suspicious behavior from the lunas, the plantation bosses, and other men, and Kat and Manny find themselves in great danger. However, this does not stop the two of them. The love they have for their people is greater than the risk to their lives.

Embarking on this journey, Kat and Manny both discover new information about themselves, as well as new revelations of love, friends, and mistrust. Kat and Manny will develop their knowledge of plantation living and what it takes to be an advocate on behalf of the workers and their families. Yes, this journey will forever change their lives as they know it and inspire an appreciation for the aina, the land, and all it offers.


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