Miracle Of The Twelve The Apostles Share Their Testimonies


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No one but Jesus would entrust His Twelve to go into the entire world to reveal the good news of the Kingdom of Heaven! What a high calling, and what a mixture of culture, background, schooling and beliefs there were among these men-a tax collector, fishermen, an assassin, seekers of truth-all in one close-knit group who were together twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. It could not have been easy, but little by little they bonded into a united flock as they listened to Him, and followed their Shepherd every day, witnessing miracles too numerous to count. Their vision was transforming them to embrace their future, and those who distrusted each other became friends and those who were hesitant were drawn in. In this Bible-based fictional account we watch as these men walk with Jesus and see the miraculous every day? Yet there were also various obstacles to pierce and prod them, and their tempers flared and their hearts repented as they journeyed through the process of becoming united into one heart and one mind for the Kingdom of Heaven. Gradually, His Word of Life became the very core of their character, and their dedication, commitment and fiery love for the Kingdom became a powerful force leaving behind them an eternal bold blaze of glory to shine for all eternity! (Not including Judas Iscariot.) Perhaps the transformation of the Twelve was His greatest miracle of all.


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