Naughty and Nice, Happy and Sad


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My name is Bertha Gallegos Allen. You will read how my husband and I took care of my mother and her husband’s mother while we worked at the preschool. In the book, you will read parts that are sad, and you will also cry. You will laugh at what a child says and does. Some children are happy, some sad. Childcare is good for children because they are safe and they are loved. Some children are better at childcare than at home. I was thinking about writing this book a few years ago. My class at Murray High gets together twice a year with the girls Joyce Thompson Carter and Beryl Turner Morley, who work really hard at getting everything together so we can have lunch at different places. One of my classmates, Diane Barton Kuhre, got me going to write this book. She said, “You need to tell people about your life as a preschool and day-care provider. I know God had a plan for me. That was why I could not have children, and the plan to have a preschool to love hundreds of children.

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