New Madrid


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While California has the reputation for being at high risk for earthquakes, the largest earthquake in U.S. history was the New Madrid Fault in central Tennessee. In 1811 and 1812, the New Madrid earthquake was so violent that the Mississippi River flowed backward for three days, creating Reelfoot lake, which today is a refuge for bald eagles.

The New Madrid fault is long overdue for another earthquake. This is the story of a catastrophic earthquake hitting the Memphis, TN area. The subsequent damage that would occur is portrayed in highly accurate scientific detail. Only the structures that were built or retrofitted to withstand a major earthquake are left undamaged.

But as important as the events are leading up to the earthquake and during the earthquake, what happens after the dust settles is even more important. It is the story that have not given up hope and faith. It is a story of how people and organizations seem to be at their best when things are at their worst. The relief efforts, the unselfish and tireless rescue workers that risk injury and even death to save people they have never met and may never meet again, is truly inspirational. It is also the story of the invaluable use of K-9 dogs who sniff out and find the injured in the rubble and are responsible for saving countless lives.

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