Ruins to Ruins


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Ruins to Ruins: From the Mayan Jungle to the Aztec Metropolis

The subtitle to Ruins to Ruins, From the Mayan Jungle to the Aztec Metropolis, defines the extent of the sites visited by Robert, a young naturalist, and Johnathan, a budding archeologist. A third subtitle might be Finding Wildlife at the Ancient Ruins. Examples include army ants and howler monkeys at Chichén Itza, orange-breasted falcon at Tikal, and king vulture at Yaxchilan. Their journey took them to numerous significant ruins, from Chichén Itza to Uxmal, Mayapan, Coba and Tulum, Calakmul, Tikal, Bonampak, Palenque, Monte Alban, Quiahiztlan, and Tenochtitlan. Along their route, they visited Catemaco and the Sierra de Tuxtla, climbed Popocatepetl, joined a marriage ceremony at Tula, and visited the amazing National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City. They also encountered many folks along the way: Senior Aguilar and family at Valladolid; Maya, a Mexico historian at Tula de Allende; and Katrina, who becomes their guide to Tenochtitlan. At Tikal, Robert met Carol, the love of his life and who eventually became his wife.


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