Surviving the Waning


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The human population explosion and pollutants are slowly killing the dwindling Elven race. In desperation the remnants decide to find another time frame in history more suitable to survival. They collectively create a rift in time and begin the difficult trek. Denril and Chellise, brother and sister, endeavor to lead their race to the safer time in the past. Chellise, pregnant by human rape, dies in childbirth but before she passes away makes Denril promise to care for her child, Chala. Chala is born with the greatest gifts from both her species; she is a scryer, healer and animal empath, but is shunned because she is mixed. When Chala scryes for others like herself, she sees Strafae, another half Elven young man. Together they have the power to save the Elven race, if they can overcome the evils of every society.


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