The Argument


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Attorney Kenneth Starr’s client, a DNA expert, found out some serious espionage regarding DNA sampling and Labrador Inc. contract with the United States government regarding DNA child support reports against men across the nation. The reports were false, and the government has a president-elect who’s a dominant lesbian feminist of the liberal party whose objective was to dominate men, through any means necessary, by serious social engineering of men, estrogen in the water and air to make men more effeminate, legislating pro women criminal and antidiscrimination laws against men, conducting man hunt (witch hunts or warlock hunts), and enslaving men by putting them in jail for failing to pay child support. All this goes with the mission of feminist as described in the dictionaries. His client went to the justice department under the false claims act, but the justice department, who was also run by a dominant lesbian feminist, hid the file, and Kenneth Starr’s client was found dead in bed. The journey begins.


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