The Third Clone


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Two brothers, who grew up in Boston, competed with each other in their respected fields of expertise. Myers, the older brother, was a genius in genetic engineering, and Phillip, the younger brother, was an archaeological genius in his own right. Each had two doctorate degrees from two different universities in Massachusetts. But Myers lost his job for improperly experimenting with special genetic engineering for which his university disapproved. And he just couldn’t stand the idea that his little brother was getting all the media attention after a discovery in Israel that could turn the entire religious world upside down. Although significant, Phillip decided to hide the proof of his discovery from the world. After all, he, too, wanted more proof so he would know for sure. Myers desperately wanted to prove to the world his genetic discovery was revolutionary. So he decided to try his genetic engineering theory out if only he could grab some of the fragments of proof Phillip secretly brought back from Israel.

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