The Three Witches and the Three-Headed Dagger: Book One


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Cadence Mage is immortal, and over two hundred years old. He is the most feared demon hunter there ever was. Cadence summons lightning at will while wielding his sword named Ethereal, fighting monsters and demons in his dreams to send them back to hell to be beaten and tortured by the king for escaping his eternal fires. Soon he will have to unlock and learn how to use all the forces of lightning within himself when he learns the demons are leaving his dreams and coming for him on earth. Cadence’s life changes when young women begin to be murdered, and he recognizes the murder weapon from centuries ago. A beautiful detective, his niece Jenny, and best friend Tom Jones will help solve the mystery of the three-headed dagger, but the blue-purple flame, who holding his mother captive, summons three witches who will do anything to stop them. Who is the blue-purple flame? Who are the three witches, and why are they using the three-headed dagger to kill the young women? Look closely, and you will see Cadence defend new friends-the only friends he has left amidst betrayal after betrayal, and the discovery that all is not as he believed it to be. Twists and turns build into a fast-paced, bloody adventure that delivers fun and excitement and will have you turning the pages right to the end.


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