What Are You Scared of Now?


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Overcoming Phobias and Life’s Anxieties

I happened to write this particular book to help individuals who truly desire to rid themselves of phobias and anxieties that negatively impact their lives. As a pre-teenage male who suffered from numerous phobias, I figured out that the only way to conquer these truly annoying and aggravating traumas of the mind was to tackle and conquer each one individually. So, from the age of twelve until thirty-two, I waged a battle with my psyche to overcome many phobias. My sole purpose for writing this book is to alert readers that you as individuals can conquer and defeat anything you perceive that is negatively affecting your lives. Do not give up trying! Keep pushing forward and always have a positive attitude. Just overcoming one pesky phobia can change your life dramatically. I hate to use this old clich√©, but, “If I can do it, anyone can do it!” As a retired social worker and a parent, I have helped others overcome their worst fears. I love to write. This is my second published manuscript. I reside in Augusta, Maine.


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