Whispering Dusk


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My childhood was stolen from me by monsters …

Twenty-three-year-old Rowling Carter lives in a nightmare world plagued by an erratic virus that turns ordinary people into supernatural creatures. She has endured much suffering, trying to survive with her mother, boyfriend, and teenage little brother. But fate takes her on an unexpected path when she comes across a mysterious boy in the woods, Ephraim Young, who warns her of a coming attack on her people and informs her about a forthcoming cure.

Risking everything based on this flicker of hope, Rowling faces a series of unprecedented events when Noah Pride, a fierce and determined hunter from the vampiric Resurgent Contingent, becomes infatuated with her. Will Rowling be able to set aside her prejudice against the supernatural to help find a cure? Or will everything go horribly, horribly wrong?

In this novel, a mysterious virus turns humans into supernatural creatures, and a young woman sets out on a quest to find a cure to save herself, her family, and the world.


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